Your Practitioners

About Duncan McGechie

Portrait of Duncan McGechie- Acupuncturist, sports massage and Chinese medicine practitioner

Duncan has been interested in healing and eastern thought and philosophy since childhood and has been applying that to the study and practice of acupuncture, manual therapy, Chinese medicine and therapeutic exercise since 1996 when he started qigong and wing chun training.

The focus on Chinese medicine has been incredibly useful and rewarding. Integrating traditional Chinese theory and concepts with recent fascia and biomechanical research leads to continuing innovation and provides new solutions for our clients. Email Duncan

 Duncan McGechie BA (hons), BSc (hons), MSc (distinction), G.Dip, CertAc (Chengdu), Dip (Gynae & Obs.) MBAcC, MRCHM, FHEA


About Bridget Montague

Bridget Montague- expert Pilates teacher demonstrating the boomerang exerciseBridget has been involved in dance and movement since childhood and trained in Sweden and London including the Rambert school of ballet & contemporary dance.

After dancing professionally, she trained in the Pilates Method and has developed over the years to become a master studio teacher with Body Control Pilates and on their teacher training team.

She studied massage in 1995 and is well versed in myofascial release, muscle energy and neuromuscular techniques. This knowledge of biomechanics and fascial anatomy has been applied to her own professional development and teaching. Email Bridget

About Diana LuiPicture of acupuncturist Diana Lui

Diana is a second generation Chinese medicine practitioner from Australia. Trained in Melbourne and Nanjing and practising since 2006 she uses acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She has done extensive postgraduate training including a diploma in the Chinese medicine treatment of skin disease.

She has a special interest in the treatment of skin disorders and a wealth of experience with musculo-skeletal pain from her work with physiotherapists in Melbourne.

Unfortunately Diana is in the processs of leaving us and returning to her practie in Melbourne Australia so she is unable to take on any new patients. We wish her a safe journey, good luck and prosperity for the future. You can find her Melbourne practice here.


About Inbal Sivan 

Picture of Inbal Sivan, AcupuncturistInbal originally trained in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Tel-Aviv and Beijing and has been pracitising for over five years.

Inbal is also a fully qualified Shiatsu practitioner and can use this as a stand alone treatment or integrated with her acupuncture therapy.

She is trained in Dr Tan's Balance method which she uses extensively in clinic to train all kinds of pain. She also has a special interest in emotional disorders. Email Inbal


Our Approach

Our approach to treatment is person centred and can therefore be called holistic. We listen to a persons experience of their condition and respond to their needs. We look at their body and health as a whole, in the context of their life and circumstances.

Emotional factors can cause physical issues just as physical issues can lead to emotional responses. We look at health in an integrated way considering the person as an embodied mind. You can read more about our philosophy here.