Statement of intent for our blog development


Blog Manifesto

I have been recently inspired by certain other blogging writers of considerably greater experience who I have learned a lot from, and who have been quite successful in their way to change how i approach this blogging melarky. You see up until now I have always wanted everything to be polished (up to a point) researched and possibly referenced. All this serves to make getting one finished quite a long winded process, and despite aiming to get one up per month I have not actually published a new one since March 2015 (!!!). Until now!

This has to become a more fluid and engaging process, I need to to be posting more and therefore writing more freely.

This means the style is likely to be become more informal, conversational, probably shorter and contain some (more) mistakes- Sorry please feel free to feed back!

I shall publish a new blog at least once a month.

I shall aim in each post to offer some useful information to the average reader.

I shall still try and remain accurate and true to the knowledge and clnical experience I have developed over the years, but to make it accessible and understandable.

I shall try and get some other peoples thoughts and ideas on here too so it is a more diverse resource.

There that wasn't so hard was it? New post coming up now!

And another hard on its heels that i mostly wrote a few months back but didn't get finished!