Deep Tissue Massage

The term Deep tissue massage means massage that accesses the deep tissues simply enough. The theoretical basis and structure of a deep tissue massage treatment is the same as in Swedish massage, the difference is in emphasis.

Because to access the deep tissues the therapist has to apply more pressure, which is gradually increased, the pace of the massage is slower and it is stronger. Deep Tissue massage is used by people who like a strong massage and those who have long term or chronic problems of stiffness and restricted range of movement.

Deep Tissue Massage Techniques

What is distinctive of deep tissue massage techniques is mainly that they are strong and applied slowly so they are not painful. One of the main skills in delivering deep tissue massage is to get deep enough so knowing the anatomy is very important as correct positioning of the body of the client can allow good access to the deeper muscles and fascia.

Although Deep tissue massage is often used for relaxation it is also a remedial massage technique, a therapeutic massage used to relax the deeper musculature.