Optimal Combination of Treatments and Training

We at Acubody therapies aim to give you the optimal combination of treatments and training options for rehabilitation for your specific problem and circumstances.

Drawing from a large pool of learning and expertise, we can select a course of treatment using traditional Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine, massage and structural bodywork techniques.

Add to this the best of Pilates, Qigong and postural and awareness exercises and there is a complete system of care for you. We can also refer you on as the network of Acubody therapies continues to grow to including osteopaths, personal trainers and physiotherapists.

Flexibility of Treatment Approach

One of the strengths of this approach is that it is extremely flexible. It can be adapted to meet the needs of almost any person.

Whether your aims are to help your posture or pain, to correct some dysfunction.

You might need to deal with stress and anxiety, support your physical training or develop yourself; contact us, there is no harm in asking.