Men’s Health

This section of the site is devoted to information about Men’s health problems. Men are less likely to seek treatment in general than Women. Don’t suffer in silence.

Male subfertility/ infertility

Male subfertility is a growing problem in the western world at least. The amount of sperm considered normal in the 1970’s (80 million per ml) is four times what is considered a normal threshold now (20 million per ml). It is estimated that 30%-50% cases of subfertility in couples involve a male factor.

As well as some great herbal formulae that have been seen to work to increase sperm count and quality over the years, there is also some great research on acupuncture fertility in the treatment of male subfertility. It is something you want to look at over a time period of three months or more, but given a test at the beginning and at the end you can know for sure that it has made a difference as far as Acupuncture fertility in London is concerned.

Erectile dysfunction

It is said that most men experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. For those who experience it over long periods or regularly it can be hellish, spoiling their enjoyment of life, and affecting their well being and sense of self. Sometimes the problems may be from a physical or organ problem, but a lot of the time it is more wrapped up in thoughts, ideas and expectations, history, experiences and relationships. This is where fertility acupuncture in London helps.

I have found acupuncture to have helped all the men so far who have sought help from me with such problems. Perhaps it is because it can be calming and reduce anxiety? Perhaps fertility acupuncture helps cut through overthinking and helps the person become more embodied? Whatever the scientific rationale, the Chinese medical system of diagnosis leads to individualised treatments which help people.

Urology and the prostate

Because the prostate gland encircles the urethra in a man, if it develops a problem it can affect urination. Problems of flow strength, dribbling and control can result from swelling of this gland, whether benign or malignant. Although we couldn’t say it can treat the possible diseases underlying, it can help manage the symptoms, and be useful in the recovery of function after other conventional treatment.