• The Connective Tissue hypothesis for acupuncture mechanisms
    A systematic review of the evidence around acupuncture channels and fascia published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine, June 2010. To download PDF click here
  • Xiao Yao San- Historical Use, Modern Perspectives
    A look at the differences between the classical use of, and modern research on this popular formula published in The Lantern, Australian Journal of Chinese Medicine, May 2012. To download a PDF click here
  • Book Review- Otherworldly: The remaking of Chinese medicine through Transnational frames
    Book review of this text on globalisation and Chinese medicine published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine, October 2011. To download PDF click here
  • Acupuncture in Research
    A look at some of the issues in acupuncture research published in Wellbeing magazine.
  • Do you have trigger point problems?
    An informative article on what trigger points are, and how they might affect you, published in Wellbeing magazine.
  • The physiology of massage techniques
    An article summarising how soft tissue dysfunction comes about, and how some massage techniques address them, written for students on my Introduction to therapeutic massage course in Tui na and Swedish massage at the University of East London. To download PDF click here
  • Report of the 2nd international congress on fascia research
    A report of the 2nd international congress on fascia research held in Amsterdam 2009, for the Acupuncturist, Journal of the British acupuncture council Feb 2010. To download PDF click here
  • Editorial on Acupuncture plus other techniques
    This is an editorial for the Acupuncturist 2013, I was invited to write an opening piece about the use of other skills alongside acupuncture as this was the theme of the Sept 2013 issue. To download PDF click here
  • Why I love Sp4 Gongsun
    Short piece in The Acupuncturist 2007 on the use and experiences with using the acupoint Sp4 Gongsun, Luo point of the Spleen channel and confluent point of the Chong Mai. To download PDF click here