“I’d been suffering for years with problems my conventional doctors said were untreatable.  There was a definite improvement right from my very first acupuncture treatment, and after four months the problems which had made me miserable for 5 years have nearly disappeared.

The thing that surprised me most though was that acupuncture has also had a profound effect on my general sense of wellbeing.  Right from the first treatment I felt rebalanced and I have now made this deeply relaxing experience a regular part of my life.”


“In July of 2013, I was feeling physically and mentally depleted from a traumatic miscarriage when a friend recommended that I sought treatment from Duncan to help me to recover from its impact. I saw Duncan over a period of around six months and found him to be very sympathetic, calm and structured in his approach. In February 2014, at the age of 42, I conceived naturally and in November gave birth to a healthy little baby boy.”


“Duncan is an extremely calm, friendly and professional practitioner. His questions and explanations are clear and simple and, despite my initial scepticism about acupuncture, I have found both acupuncture and bodywork to be very effective in treating both my knee pain and back pain (from a twisted spine- scoliosis).”


“Duncan provides a highly individualised service. He is very knowledgable of anatomy and professional in his work. I go to see Duncan for Acupuncture in deep spinal muscles. His experience and various needling techniques provides lasting relief from my back pain.”