“After our first session my constant headache disappeared for the first time in weeks. Duncan is extremely knowledgeable and has given me some great exercises to do at home which help keep the pain away between sessions. I would highly recommend!”


“Duncan is great! I’ve gotten so much better since I started seeing him for an injury a few months ago. His approach combines immediate symptom relief with exercises that target long-term recovery.”


“After just 4 sessions, my cycle had completely changed. I suddenly learned what normal was. Did you know cramps aren’t normal? Well, they completely disappeared. There were other improvements but I won’t go into detail…

… So after a couple more patient months, we took all the advice he’d given, gave things a go and I fell pregnant.”


“Within the first session I saw results, with not only my anxiety, but with my sleeping. I have seen other acupuncturists before, but Duncan was by far the most professional and knowledgable.

Throughout treatment, he was able to help with any other ailment I was having, and modified his treatment plan accordingly.”


I had been experiencing back and hip pain for nearly a year and after many unsuccessful physio and osteopathic visits I really was at the end of my tether. Thankfully Duncan was recommended to me and the difference I felt after just one visit was truly incredible. Not only did Duncan do a consultation and examination that identified the problem almost immediately, he explained it all very clearly.


“Duncan is a very talented person who always seems to know exactly how to help and fix ailments. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He has a gift for discovering the root of problems and dealing with them.”


“I’d been suffering for years with problems my conventional doctors said were untreatable.  There was a definite improvement right from my very first acupuncture treatment, and after four months the problems which had made me miserable for 5 years have nearly disappeared.

The thing that surprised me most though was that acupuncture has also had a profound effect on my general sense of wellbeing.  Right from the first treatment I felt rebalanced and I have now made this deeply relaxing experience a regular part of my life.”


“Duncan is an extremely calm, friendly and professional practitioner. His questions and explanations are clear and simple and, despite my initial scepticism about acupuncture, I have found both acupuncture and bodywork to be very effective in treating both my knee pain and back pain (from a twisted spine- scoliosis).”


“Duncan provides a highly individualised service. He is very knowledgable of anatomy and professional in his work. I go to see Duncan for Acupuncture in deep spinal muscles. His experience and various needling techniques provides lasting relief from my back pain.”