Myofascial Release Treatment

Myofascial Release Treatment

Do you suffer from chronic lower back pain? Do you ever get tightness and soreness down your neck, shoulders and back? Perhaps, you’ve tried a range of therapies and medicines to ease the pain without success. At Acubody, we specialise in complex muscular and nerve conditions that have not responded well to other kinds of treatment. 

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3 Winter Self-Care Tips to Support Men’s Health

Men's Health Awareness Month

It can be easier for bad habits to settle in when it’s winter. Fatigue, lack of motivation, or lazy eating habits can all have an impact on our well-being. 

While it’s natural to adjust your lifestyle as seasons change, it’s important that this change comes with an appropriate amount of self-care too. 

In aid of men’s health awareness month, we offer a few tips on how to look after yourself as we embrace winter this year. 

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What Kind of Gym Class or Health Program Should I Start?


There are so many different types of fitness classes and health programs to choose from these days. And there are also so many things to consider when trying to find the right one for yourself. 

Ultimately, the best class for your personality depends a lot on your goals and what you want to get out of your time. However, below are some of the most popular options around today to get you thinking about what you may or may not want to do.

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6 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Destress

National Stress Awareness Day

Stress can be good for you, but it can also be very bad. It can keep you engaged and improve performance during important work or social activities, however, if not managed properly it can lead to serious physical and mental health issues. 

With National Stress Awareness Day almost here, we explore some out-of-the-box ways you can destress so that stress only plays a positive role in your life.

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How to Keep Exercise Up So Stress Stays Low in Colder Weather

International Stress Awareness Week

It’s cold outside and your daily or weekly run is probably becoming much less appealing. Or even if it’s just a matter of travelling to your gym where you can exercise indoors, we understand that finding the motivation gets harder as chillier days arrive and days get darker.

Nevertheless, maintaining some kind of an exercise regime in winter is crucial for fighting off colds and viruses, staying fit, and, importantly, keeping your stress levels low. 

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