Should Myofascial Release Treatment be Part of Your New Year Health Regime?

myofascial treatment

The last few months have been tough on many people. As well as the usual stress of the holiday season, many of our lives have been severely disrupted by the pandemic once again. 

It’s not unusual if you’re starting to feel some additional pains and niggles in your body that weren’t there before, or, if existing tightness or soreness in your neck, shoulders or back have been exacerbated this winter — requiring some kind of relief.

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Acupuncture Treatment in London

Acupuncture treatment is an ancient Chinese therapy where specific acupuncture points are stimulated with fine needles to trigger a healing response. 

The practice is borne of the belief that energy flows through meridians in our body. This energy is also called a “life force” or Qi. 

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