The Uses Of Sports Therapy In London From Acubody


At Acubody we carry out a considerable amount of sports therapy in London as well as myofascial release. Sportsmen and women come to us for a London sports massage or myofascial release in order to relieve pain after a sports injury, which is frequently the result of muscle tension and trigger points. A trigger point is where a muscle is under tension but causes a pain somewhere else in the body. This is sometimes called a reflected pain.

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How to breathe correctly during yoga?


Yoga is well on its way to becoming the most popular workout regime for flexibility, strength, and mental and physical health. It originated from the Indian culture more than twenty-six thousand years ago. It is associated with the Hindu religion and it embodies spiritual enlightenment and the state of being. Today, yoga is so popular not because of the spiritual factor, but more so because of the numerous physical benefits, it has to offer.

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