Myofascial Release: What It Is and Why It’s Important


Many are unaware of what myofascial release is, despite the many benefits it can have on an individual’s health, mobility and quality of life.

In this post, we explore what this unique kind of physical therapy is — often used to treat muscle tightness and sensitivity as well as chronic pain and structural imbalances— and whether it would benefit you as part of your health and treatment plan with Acubody.

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Acubody Tips for Treating Youth Sports Injuries

sports injury clinic in London

Injuries among youths and children make up a large proportion of yearly cases of sports-related injuries in the UK. Whether it’s school sports activities or local under-18s sports leagues for football, rugby, hockey or netball, millions of young patients visit clinics and hospitals each year due to an acute or chronic sports injury.

What Does Acute Sports Injury Mean?

There are generally two main types of sports injury: acute and chronic. An acute sports injury is the result of a specific fall, hit, collision, or other kinds of sports trauma.

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