5 Ways to Reduce Post-Workout Muscle Pain

Sometimes, post-workout muscle pain, or “delayed onset muscle soreness” (DOMS), isn’t much to worry about. Many individuals also see this as a positive sign that their activities are having an effect on their bodies and look forward to the increased strength and/or size when muscles have completely recovered. 

However, if you’re getting back into exercising; have increased your workout intensity, frequency, or length; or simply suffer more than others when it comes to muscle soreness, you might be looking for ways to reduce its impact. 

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How to Avoid Running Injuries

Running has always been a popular activity for both people looking to get (or stay) fit, as well as amateur athletes supplementing other sports with running for cardio exercise. However, the amount of running-related injuries is often high, such as hamstring issues, shin splints and stress fractures.

This suggests that there is still a gap in basic knowledge related to running healthily and avoiding damage through dangerous running techniques and approaches. Below are some things you can do to run injury-free.

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