Why Foam Rolling is Not the Same as Myofascial Release Treatment

With new clients, we sometimes get asked about what Myofascial Release is and whether it relates to foam rollers. This is somewhat understandable given the fact that rollers are now a commonplace item in most gyms, fitness centres and households.

However, we like to stress that while there are some similarities in using a self-bought foam roller tool and professional myofascial release treatment, carried out by a trained practitioner, the differences are actually huge.
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How to Reduce Neck Pain With Acupuncture

Neck pain is an increasingly common problem today. With the increase in mobile phone and tablet use, people are becoming more likely to hunch their shoulders as they stare down towards their laps, habitually creating poor posture.

Recent lockdowns and restrictions have also limited our chances to exercise as regularly as usual, spending larger parts of our day sitting at our home desks.
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