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Acupuncture, Bodywork, Chinese Medicine, Pilates & Movements

If you think you need a fresh perspective on your health problems, this is the place to be.

Available for consultations by appointment, Duncan and Bridget, husband and wife team take an integrated approach to your health. Using acupuncture, neuromuscular physical therapy, movement retraining strategies and herbal medicine.

What We Do

We provide integrative treatment solutions for musculoskeletal disorders, postural and alignment retraining with Chinese medicine acupuncture, physical therapy, Pilates and movement training.

We regularly help people with issues like persistent pain & headaches, fertility & menstrual dysfunction, digestive problems, stress and anxiety.

We offer online health coaching programs combining our specialist knowledge to help you feel younger, master aches & pains and boost your energy levels.

Focused on the hidden drivers of your problems, and the route away from them.

Bridget has resumed In Real Life 1:1 studio Pilates teaching and will continue offering online 1:1 Pilates and reformer classes. Please contact Bridget to schedule an appointment.

As an ex dancer and Pilates teacher trainer with over 2 decades of experience, Bridget is perfectly placed to help you find a way to move and inhabit your body with ease and control.

As a graduate of the pro sport physio Go-To Therapist mentorship, and a certified GMB trainer Duncan is also skilled in finding the hidden causes of pain, rehabilitation. Motivated to help you get beyond pain and restriction to achieve new levels of strength and physical autonomy.

Balance for your body and your mind.

Helping you find your optimal.

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Location & Prices

See below for block booking options which help us to plan your therapy and bring down your per session rate.

1 hour £110 £80
3/4 hour £85
1/2 hour £60
90 mins £160
Acupuncture, Bodywork
Neuromuscular Therapy
Movement Training
Block 3 hrs £300
Block 5 hrs £380
Block 6 hrs £570
Block 10 hrs £900 £740

Prices for Acubody Therapies in London: Acupuncture, Bodywork, Pilates, and Herbal Medicine.

Notice of appointment cancellation must be received not less than 24 hours in advance or the full fee may be charged.


Meet Our Specialists

Duncan McGechie
ACUPUNCTURE Specialists Bridget-Montague
Bridget Montague
Pilates and movement specialist BCPA, REPS


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