Feel Younger, Master Your Aches & Pains, Unlock Your Mobility, And Boost Your Energy Levels

pebbles balanced, representing balance under gravity

Find Balance

An online qigong coaching program to gain control of your own health, vitality and wellbeing.

You can take opportunity to make sense of your injury history and health issues. Learn how to manage and move beyond aches pains and stiffness, and get back your physical freedom and vitality.

What to do to feel 10 years younger and enjoy life to its fullest

How to Master your aches & pains, banish stiffness and move freely

Boost your energy and unlock new mobility and access hidden strength

Deepen your existing practice and access new levels of body awareness

Learn techniques you can apply in as little as 15 mins a day to transform how you feel, for the rest of your life!

Spending more time will reap the benefits faster, but you CAN make a significant difference in your experience with this small amount of time, if you are consistent

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What The Course Includes

Personalised Mentoring

A full assessment of your goals and history, leading to personalised online coaching plan of moves to unwind your individual problems,

1:1 Assessment and Mentoring sessions to determine the path that is right for you, meets your needs and goals and continues to do so.

Opportunities for feedback to resolve training problems that come up for you, and a roadmap to figure them out.

Qi Gong/ Chi Kung Training

Qigong Fundamental principles and key theory necessary for the correct performance of the exercises, so you can get the maximum benefits efficiently.

Mentoring through the Primal 5 Animal set. This Daoyin Qigong system not only balances the health by activating all the major channel systems, but also has within it the variety to move the body.

I have a method, which is a form of dao yin, called the ‘5 Animal Play’ … if one has an illness (then I prescribe) the relevant play to dissipate it …’

Hua Tuo

Long term access to an Online Qigong Program of exercises and lessons for your reference and convenience. You can access guided practice on your terms at the times that suit you.

Self help principles using acupressure, auto-massage and basic Chinese medicine theory. Qigong daoyin exersizes have been used in east Asia for probably over 2000 years to increase functional longevity. The amount of time you are able to stay active and able as you age.

How to troubleshoot your flare ups and old injuries to get ‘back on the mat’ and start enjoying your favourite activities and sports again!

Move and regulate the flow of your qi and blood to come into optimal health, boost your energy and move towards ease and comfort in your body.

Somatic Coaching and Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

walking the path towards balance at the centre
walking the labyrinth, towards the centre

Somatics training to increase body awareness, retrain the nervous system, find relaxation and restore natural movement. A system of simple gentle move to help you find connection with your body again.

Neuromuscular rehabilitation; exercises to help you resolve aches and pains, and find a way past your injury history. Move forward towards ease, mobility and more enjoyment in your body. I use a system I was mentored in by a top sports physio which has proven successful for hundreds of physiotherapist’s, osteopaths, sports therapists and trainers.

If you keep walking the same path,
you’ll get to where you’re headed

Lao Tzu

Training in breathing techniques you can use to boost your energy, release tension, improve mobility and stay calm.

Breath work can be an incredibly powerful tool to master your health, and is an integral part of Qigong practice.

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Bonus Features

How to build a regular practice, and stick to it: Training in habit based learning, support and accountability so you can get the most benefit from the system.

How to find your calm and manage stress, boost your mood and find your centre again.

Coaching through any setbacks, obstacles and issues that may arise for you

Time management. How to turn around your experience, clarify your priorities and make the most of the time you have.

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