Sports Massage Therapy uses Swedish massage as a basis and uses manipulation techniques based on a modern understanding of body function and dysfunction.

It releases tension, promotes local blood circulation, and breaks down adhesions (‘knots’). It prevents excessive scar tissue formation to facilitate recovery from soft tissue injuries acquired in sports or physical training or elsewhere.

Sports and remedial massage therapy is not just for sports people. It helps many people who’ve never played sports. Whether you’re a marathon runner, an office worker, or a soon-to-be mum sports massage at our sports injury clinic in London can relieve pain, facilitate movement and encourage relaxation. It can be strong, but it feels great.

  •  “Duncan is the very best sports massage therapist.  Duncan is exceptionally skilled, professional and sees the whole picture.  His understanding of anatomy and physiology is excellent; having trained as a Sports Massage therapist myself, I am extremely particular when it comes to receiving treatment.” – Juliet, Client since 2006

    Sports Massage can be useful for

    Basically any activity can leave the body with muscle soreness and minor injury, if it is done repetatively, or if the alignment is not ideal. This includes postural tension from desk work, sitting for long periods (very common for those working in London), carrying heavy bags, gardening or DIY.

  • Some people come to sports massage because it is often stronger than other sorts of massage, but really the degree of strength used depends on the client. In fact if working shortly before a sporting event or competition it is important not to be too firm. This is because deep strokes reduce muscle tone which can make the limbs feel heavy, whereas light strokes invigorate circulation and can help tone muscles.People practising a wide range of different sports and physical activities have sought our help over the years and been happy with the results.

    Sports Massage Techniques

    Sports therapy massage often includes the use of some neuromuscular techniques like muscle energy technique (MET) and soft tissue release (STR). The bodywork training undertaken by acubody practitioners takes the application of these techniques to further levels of rehabilitation.

    MET is a stretching method using the clients muscle contraction to assist stretch. STR is a focus stretch using pressure on a tight or sore point involving client movement and can be seen as a kind of myofascial release.This extra level of training enables acubody practitioners to see beyond the obvious and develop treatment strategies to get you better, quicker.

    Sports Injury Acupuncture

    At acubody we take an integrated approach employing sports massage alongside other techniques such as sports injury acupunctue at one of our London sports injury clinic locations. As professional acupuncturists we can take the best from the different western and eastern approaches to healthcare and tailor a treatment and rehabilitation program for you specifically.

    There is not a formal discipline of sports injury acupuncture, or indeed just injury acupuncture, but there are a few of us, professional acupuncturists who have made it a special interest, done extra training and built up experience with which to help people who have these kinds of problem get back into their training, or their other activities.

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