Prices for acubody therapies in London

Acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine

See below for block booking options which help us to plan your therapy and bring down your per session rate.




 1 hour



 ¾ hour


 ½ hour


 90 min



 Block 3 hrs



 Block 4 hrs



 Block 6 hrs



 Block 10 hrs



Duncan McGechie
Inbal Sivan

Notice of appointment cancellation must be recieved not less than 24 hours in advance or the full fee will be charged.

Please ask about options which may be possible if you are a student, pensioner, public service worker. If you are personal trainer, yoga pilates or martial arts instructor or a health professional, ask about our affiliates scheme.

All therapies or combinations are priced the same according to time for simplicity, Acupuncture, Bodywork, myofascial, sports massage, shiatsu, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy or tui na.

A Chinese herbal consultation alone is slightly cheaper since the the herbs have a cost additional to the treatment. Chinese herbal medicine can also be prescribed along with acupuncture or bodywork treatment with no additional consultation charge, though the herbs themselves have a cost.

Block Bookings

3 hours for £240: An introductory cycle of three treatments, working out at £79 per hour. Alternatively this could be used in four 45-minute treatment sessions (£59.25ea).

4 hours for £305: An intermediate block booking, working out at £76 per hour. This could break down into a one hour session and four 45-minute follow up treatment sessions; ideal for an introductory course of treatment.

6 hours for £440: A course of treatment can be purchased for six hour-long sessions, working out at £73 per hour session. This could also be used as eight 45-minute follow up sessions (54.75 ea).

10 hours for £700: An option for those choosing regular maintenance, or with chronic conditions which require longer term therapy breaking down to £70.00 per hour, can also be used as one hour plus twelve 45 min follow up sessions.

Please note that blocks will be valid for twelve months from the purchase date.