Acubody Pilates

The Pilates method is named after Joseph Pilates who invented and developed it at the beginning of the 20th century. He did this originally to strengthen his own body by using his experience of martial arts, yoga, boxing and acrobatics; he then started to teach his own method and soon had a dedicated following.

He developed an incredible array of unique spring based studio equipment while working first in an intern camp during the Great War (WWI) and later in his studio in New York. During his lifetime he helped many people achieve extraordinary results with their physical and mental health, some of whom went on to teach the method and train more teachers worldwide.

Since then the method has continued to grow alongside the most current research into movement and exercise and there are now many different styles and approaches to Pilates.

The core principles of the method are based on the following elements being combined in a session:

Style: “Pilates-Day4”







Flowing Movement


The Pilates method can help to enable better self awareness, increase physical strength and control where necessary and also gain ease and flexibility where required.

Our expert in Pilates is Bridget Montague, a master studio teacher with Body Control Pilates and member of their teacher training team. To contact with any questions about our approach click here.