Acupuncture, Bodywork, Chinese Medicine, Pilates & Movement

AcupunctureChinese Medicine and Bodywork Therapy can help you in some way. Perhaps with a problem you have, to maintain your health, support your exercise, care for your body or balance your mind.

Menstrual irregularity, fertility, Period pain.
Postural issues, sports injuries, & pain.
Stress & related conditions.

Acubody therapies are integrating an up to date understanding of fascial anatomy and postural dysfunction, biomechanics and movement training with the Chinese medicine systems of acupuncture and herbal medicine to deliver you optimal care. We always see the person as a unique individual and listen to your needs, we blend the approaches used specifically for your care.

Acupuncture, Bodywork, Chinese medicine, Pilates

Acute or chronic, Accuracy, Acumen


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Acupuncture research & news

Acupuncture and womens health (2014)

"... acupuncture may improve menstrual health and coping for women experiencing delays falling pregnant. There is experimental data showing that acupuncture can influence female reproductive functioning, although the actual mechanisms involved are not yet clarified."

Systematic review supports the use of acupuncture for arthritis (2014)

"The use of acupuncture is associated with significant reductions in pain intensity, improvement in functional mobility and quality of life."