Chinese Medicine: What Is It All About?


In the UK, we think of the word “medicine” to mean something such as pills or fluids which we take internally. However “Chinese medicine” covers much more, and includes body practices such as acupuncture, tai chi (which is a form of movement), moxibustion (burning herbs close to the skin in order to increase the flow of blood), cupping (applying a heated cup to the skin in order to create a slight suction), Chinese herbal medicines, qi gong (a practice that combines specific body movements or postures, breathing, and mental focus), and dietary therapy.

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Decrease Stress With Acupuncture and Healthy Sleep Habits

sweet dreams

If you’re feeling stressed, you may find it difficult to sleep. Stress is a common culprit for sleepless nights — and unfortunately, sleep deprivation can make stress even worse.

Decreasing stress with acupuncture and healthy sleep habits can help you break the cycle of stress and sleep. When you decrease stress, you can sleep better, and when you sleep better, you’re in a better position to manage stress in a healthy way.

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Sports Massage Is Both For Injuries And For Toning Muscles Before An Event.


It is possible to suffer an injury when taking part in any type of sports, particularly contact sports such as rugby, football, and boxing. However, they can also occur in what might be thought of as sedentary sports such as snooker or darts. This is because repetitive actions, which in the case of snooker may take place over several hours, can also result in injury. The same thing can happen in a round of golf, among other sports.

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The Uses of Sports Massage In London

sports injury clinic in London

When you take part in any sorts of sport which involve physical activity – and the majority do – there can be stress on the body which can range from mild to severe. Some sports such as pheasant shooting, for instance, do not require much physical activity, but others involve a lot: even sports such as snooker and darts can require a lot of repetitive actions, and in the case of snooker this can be over a period of several hours.

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The Use Of Myofascial Release Techniques For Pain Symptoms

If you are suffering from any sort of muscle pain, Acubody can help you with myofascial release treatment. This is a form of neuromuscular technique and research has shown that softening, stretching, and freeing of connective tissue is assisted by specialised receptors that are housed in the fascia and nervous system. It has an amazing effect on the muscles and releases pain through freeing up “knots” or adhesions, so is a useful trigger point therapy.

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The Benefits Of Sports Massage

At Acubody, our highly-skilled therapists use London sports massage on athletes both before and after an event. Participating in sports has become more popular in recent years, and athletes are having to continue to push themselves further. What was seen as a great performance perhaps 30 years ago, today is seen as normal. Remember the four-minute mile: until 1954 it seemed impossible to achieve, but after Roger Bannister cracked it more athletes followed very quickly. Today, you are seen as pretty slow if you DON’T run a mile in under four minutes.

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The Uses Of Sports Therapy In London From Acubody



At Acubody we carry out a considerable amount of sports therapy in London as well as myofascial release. Sportsmen and women come to us for a London sports massage or myofascial release in order to relieve pain after a sports injury, which is frequently the result of muscle tension and trigger points. A trigger point is where a muscle is under tension but causes a pain somewhere else in the body. This is sometimes called a reflected pain.

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How to breathe correctly during yoga?


Yoga is well on its way to becoming the most popular workout regime for flexibility, strength, and mental and physical health. It originated from the Indian culture more than twenty-six thousand years ago. It is associated with the Hindu religion and it embodies spiritual enlightenment and the state of being. Today, yoga is so popular not because of the spiritual factor, but more so because of the numerous physical benefits, it has to offer.

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