Acupuncture Has Been Used Successfully For Over 2,500 Years

There are many medical conditions from which people suffer which can be treated without using modern-day medicines and surgery, but by using therapies that have been around for 2,500 years and more, such as acupuncture. The Chinese have been using acupuncture for all that time, and if it didn’t work it would have been quietly dropped long ago. However, the truth is that after a New York Times journalist was taken ill in China back in 1971 and subsequently wrote of his experiences, acupuncture has taken off in the West as well.

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One Of The Major Causes Of Infertility Is Stress

More and more couples in the Western world are suffering from infertility in the 21st century, and it is a fact that doctors don’t know why. Furthermore, it is affecting both sexes. The sperm count of males is reducing, while at the same time more couples are leaving it until later in life to start a family as they try to boost their careers and establish a sound financial footing before doing so.

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The Part Played By Chinese Herbs In Traditional Chinese Medicine

berries herbs & roots from Chinese Medicine

At Acubody, our therapists use a lot of bodywork, which in plain English covers various forms of massage, combined with Chinese therapies such as acupuncture and Chinese herbs in London.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known by the abbreviation TCM, dates back at least 2,000 years and much of it may be older than that. Although it is that old, it has only gained traction in the West in the last 50 years and is now the subject of numerous studies in order to provide scientific evidence of what works, and possibly what does not.

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The Use of Acupuncture For The Treatment Of Stress And Anxiety

Recent research has suggested that anything up to 30% of the global population could be suffering from some form of anxiety. Medical professionals use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual to diagnose and treat various psychological conditions and the latest edition of it lists 13 sub-classifications ranging from shortness of breath and varying heart rate up to full-blown panic attacks.

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A Sports Massage Can Make A Considerable Difference


When you suffer from any sort of sports injury it can be painful. Furthermore, it can mean that you won’t be able to go out and play your sport again tomorrow. Or possibly not even next week, or even for a month. It depends on the extent of the injury, and the tissue and muscle or muscles which have been damaged.

There is absolutely no doubt that rest and recuperation can aid recovery from sports injuries, but most people – especially professionals – need to get back to playing their sport as soon as possible. Even if you are not a professional, when you take part in a sport for the purpose of enjoyment and also with the object of keeping your body fit, you will still want to get back to your sport as soon as you can.

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The Use Of Myofascial Release For Back Pain And Other Injuries

It has been estimated that at some point during their lives, four out of every five people will suffer from some sort of back pain. Somewhat strangely, this may occur more between the ages of 35 and 65, but this may be a result of an individual’s occupation. In fact, it has also been reported that back pain is the second most common reason people in the UK visit their GP’s, with some 7 million visits a year.

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Acubody Can Help To Relieve Sports Injuries with Sports Therapy

sports injury clinic in London

If you have suffered any type of sports injury in London, the specialist therapists at Acubody can help you. A sports massage is based on Swedish massage and it is quite a strong form of deep massage which has the effect of increasing blood flow and circulation, releasing tension, and breaking down adhesions, which some people know as “knots”. In addition, it helps to prevent the formation of too much scar tissue which helps to speed up recovery from soft tissue injuries which can be acquired in any sporting activity.

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The Principles Behind Chinese Medicine

When we use the word “medicine” in the UK, we think of things that we take internally such as tablets or liquids. However, Chinese medicine covers a range of different therapies as well. Certainly, there are Chinese herbs which come under the overall umbrella of Chinese medicine, but it also includes acupuncture, which as most people know involves the insertion of very fine needles into the surface of the body, shiatsu – which is a form of massage, moxibustion – which is burning of herbs close to the skin, movement and exercise, and more.

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