3 Winter Self-Care Tips to Support Men’s Health

Men's Health Awareness Month

It can be easier for bad habits to settle in when it’s winter. Fatigue, lack of motivation, or lazy eating habits can all have an impact on our well-being. 

While it’s natural to adjust your lifestyle as seasons change, it’s important that this change comes with an appropriate amount of self-care too. 

In aid of men’s health awareness month, we offer a few tips on how to look after yourself as we embrace winter this year. 

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Acubody Tips for Treating Youth Sports Injuries

sports injury clinic in London

Injuries among youths and children make up a large proportion of yearly cases of sports-related injuries in the UK. Whether it’s school sports activities or local under-18s sports leagues for football, rugby, hockey or netball, millions of young patients visit clinics and hospitals each year due to an acute or chronic sports injury.

What Does Acute Sports Injury Mean?

There are generally two main types of sports injury: acute and chronic. An acute sports injury is the result of a specific fall, hit, collision, or other kinds of sports trauma.

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